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Many people feel uncertain about counselling. They are not sure what it is or how it can help.

What is it?     

Counselling is a talking and listening therapy that helps people make sense of their difficulties and discover their potential for a happier life. It is a process through which an individual can take time out from their usual routine to consider aspects of their life that they want to change.

How can it help?

Everyone goes through difficult times in life. Very often, we don’t want to discuss our problems with our family or friends. This is where counselling can help as it offers you extra help and support, making sure that you’re not dealing with difficult issues and feelings on your own. Counselling allows you to work on self-change, which allows you to work towards self-fulfilment and awareness of who you are.

What happens?

You talk about the things that are making life difficult for you. Part of counselling is clarifying the problems you want to solve and then helping you to reach a decision on what you would like to see changed. Counselling helps you to focus on understanding your feelings and seeing problems in a new light.  This can also help you develop new ways of responding to future problems in your life.  

You would have an initial appointment with the aim of seeing if it feels right for us to work together and then we agree on the number of sessions. These normally take place over a period of time so that you can get support on a regular basis. Self-change takes time.

I offer day and evening appointments.

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