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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Have you experienced a traumatic event or a series of events in the past - one that lies out with the range of normal human experience  e.g. a car accident, personal assault, rape, physical abuse, bullying or witness to a distressing event and this is still affecting you?

Are you asking yourself: why me? - am I going mad?

Maybe you still feel numb or you have to keep active all the time in order not to. Maybe you continue to have nightmares and poor sleep, you have accidents and your work performance is suffering. Or you may feel tense, confused, empty and exhausted, and your relationships are suffering. If so remember you are the same person that you were before the incident and that you can get help.

Post traumatic stress disorder is an emotional condition from which it is possible to make a full and complete recovery.

How can counselling help?

Part of what counselling can offer is the opportunity to look at what symptoms you are experiencing and to explain the messages that your body and mind are sending. Symptoms fall into three groups: intrusive, avoidant and physical. It offers you the opportunity to talk about what has happened and to actively work on learning how to relax, how to deal with flashbacks, panic attacks, anger and other related symptoms. The counselling will go at the pace you want and will enable you to work on your view of yourself, your world and others.