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What is it?

Supervision is where we can stand back and use the time to reflect; in reflection we can then learn, discover and receive support. It therefore is an important part of looking after yourself and this does not necessarily just have to be if you are a counsellor.
Supervision for me includes specific learning goals, an awareness of personal development and an integration of skills, knowledge and practice. It can be restorative, normative and educative.

How can it help?

In work we need to find time to ensure that self development, self awareness and self care are present, not just within counselling. Although in counselling it is important to offer a safe learning space to enable the counsellor to develop not only as a professional but also as a person. This will be a part of the process which promotes and safeguards the well being of the client. However, no matter where we work we need a learning environment to ensure professional and personal growth.

What happens?

I focus on an integrative relational model of Supervision, using Inskipp & Proctor’s 7 Eyed Model of Supervision. By this I mean that I focus on the co-creation of a relationship between myself and supervisee and offer the opportunity to create a safe trusting space aimed at facilitating the work with the clients.

I offer both ‘Training’ and ‘Consultative’ Supervision and have several years experience working in different settings and I work with individuals or with groups. I offer Supervision to counsellors who are in training and those who have qualified.