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Mario Fernandez

The working environment is forever changing and has been identified as one of the main stressors within an individual’s life. We can spend a high proportion of our time at work and there is now added pressure to work faster, more efficiently and for longer hours. This can affect the other areas of our lives, for example, time spent at home with family, time spent on relaxing, time spent on our interests or time looking after ourselves. The effects of work-related problems can be seen in our emotional, physical and psychological well being.

Are you finding it difficult at work, struggle to meet deadlines, feel that the boss and other colleagues do not understand? Do you feel isolated, angry or just stuck?

Often this can lead you to think am I in the right job, is this what I want to do or is it time to change? How do I cope?

How can counselling help?

In counselling you can take time to explore what is it about your work, how you cope with the stress and what you can change. You will not be judged and within counselling the counsellor aims to understand how this is affecting you. You can look at different ways of coping and the aspects you want to change.